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Atlanta SEO

Does your current website show up in searches? If not, you are in the right place. MD Internet Solutions has a deep expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing. Our clients have benefited considerably from our SEO skills and we can help you achieve your goals by putting together a comprehensive SEO plan for your website.

Most companies have websites. Very few companies have websites that show up well in searches. At MD Internet Solutions, most of our time is spent helping companies achieve a meaningful page rank in searches. If your website is not showing up in searches when potential clients are looking for companies with your expertise, you have no chance of developing any meaningful contacts from your web presence. By using the SEO knowledge we have acquired over the years, we make sure that your potential clients can find you on-line.

Atlanta GA Search Engine Optimization Consulting

There are two types of SEO – White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO. At MD Internet Solutions we specialize in white hat search engine optimization (SEO). White Hat SEO is when consultants use widely accepted best practices to maximize search results. White Hat SEO is ethical and the right approach to building a meaningful long term web presence. We only use White Hat SEO methods and we will clearly explain each strategy we are employing to improve your companies search ranking.

Here are a few of the White Hat SEO strategies that we will employ for your company:

  • Creating a strategy for your company to develop high quality & meaningful in-bound links
  • Create a compelling website design that appeals to potential clients with a layout that is easy for search engines to navigate
  • Create unique, high quality, complete website content that appeals to search engines
  • Use widely accepted best practices to optimize your company’s website
  • Use our deep SEO expertise to tune up pages that are not performing as expected

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Black Hat SEO is when consultants use dubious methods that Google clearly does not approve of to improve a website’s search ranking. Black Hat SEO may work in the short term but, eventually Google will discover the scam and your website can face stiff penalties. Black Hat SEO can get your website completely blackballed from the Google index.

If you are tired of spending your marketing dollars on pay per click or if you have been unable to achieve any organic placement with your website, please contact our SEO Specialists at MD Internet Solutions today! We will put together a comprehensive SEO plan that will produce results for your bottom line.

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    MD Internet Solutions works with medical practices across the country. Our SEO Consultants have helped doctors bring their brand to life on-line and develop new patients from Atlanta to New York City.

    If you’re a doctor or part of a medical practice that wants to create a meaningful internet marketing presence, contact the SEO experts at MD Internet Solutions today!