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Atlanta GA Website Analytics

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Atlanta GA Website Analytics

As part of a comprehensive Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, MD Internet Solutions provides clients with extensive website analytics as well as call tracking and recording services. Our analytics help you know and understand who is coming to your site and what they are doing while they are there. After all, it does not matter how much traffic you drive to your site if that traffic is not getting converted into calls and ultimately into new customers.

Website Analytics are key to any business with an online presence. Onsite web analytics measure a visitor’s journey while they are on your website, including drivers and conversions. Valuable information such as the numbers of visitors to a site, and the number of page views per visit can be tracked and analyzed to provide meaningful information to help you measure the performance of your website in a commercial context. If used correctly, website analytics can help you understand as well as optimize web usage for your site.

Call Tracking & Recording Georgia

If you do business with MD Internet Solutions, you have access to any online metric you would like to track. We have tracking numbers that enable us to track every phone call that comes in from your blog or website. We help our clients leverage this important information to convert website visitors into new customers.

MD Internet Solutions also has the ability to record the calls that come into your business from your website. First impressions are very important. We have found through our extensive experience that many times calls are not converted into customers because of a negative experience with the first point of contact at a business. Recording calls gives our clients the ability to review the first point of contact and gives our clients all the tools necessary to coach their people to improve conversion when a call does come in from their website.

MD Internet Solutions is an Internet partner you can trust. Website Analytics and call tracking and reporting are just two of the valuable services we offer our clients as part of a comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategy. Please contact our Website Analytics Experts at MD Internet Solutions today to see how we can benefit your company. We look forward to working with you.

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    MD Internet Solutions works with medical practices across the country. Our SEO Consultants have helped doctors bring their brand to life on-line and develop new patients from Atlanta to New York City.

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