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SEO Company for Doctors

We provide web development, marketing and search engine optimization that can help you grow your practice

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SEO Company for Doctors

MD Internet Solutions is an internet marketing partner for doctors that is focused on driving new patients to your medical practice and bringing your unique set of expertise to life on-line. Our partnership will provide on-going results and accountability. At MD Internet Solutions, we specialize in internet marketing for doctors and we have worked with many different types of medical practices in cities across the United States. We have a deep expertise in comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and we can clearly explain our methodology and our plan for your medical practice to reap the benefits of a meaningful SEO strategy. Our complete website optimization services includes all of the following:

We find that successful medical practice websites share the same 5 key components:

  1. Compelling Design
  2. Search Engine Friendly Copy
  3. Effective On-Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Effective Off-Site SEO / Social Media / Promotional Efforts
  5. Clearly representing your Unique Skills on-line

SEO Consultants for Medical Practices

There are plenty of companies offering their services to design your website, so what makes MD Internet Solutions the best choice? Our SEO Consultants only provide SEO services to medical practices which makes us experts in navigating the unique marketing challenges that doctors and medical practices face.

We only partner with doctors and medical practices and provide deep comprehensive SEO strategies for websites as well as videos and blogs. Our number one goal is to get your website as highly ranked as possible on a search results page. MD Internet Solutions understands how search engines work, what your patients are searching for and which search engines targeted audiences prefer. Optimizing a medical practice website is the specialty of MD Internet Solutions, and we are proud to partner with your medical practice so that you can reap the benefits of a meaningful SEO strategy.

SEO Services

If you want results from your website, you need a partnership. The days of having someone build your website, paying for the website and then forgetting about the site are long gone. The competition to show up in the organic results of Google, Yahoo, BING, and other search engine results is stiff. What is working today is different from what worked 2 and 3 years ago. An ongoing partnership with MD Internet Solutions ensures that your website continues to stay current as the search engine algorithms change.

We have the expertise to ensure that your site shows up well in the organic placement. We can provide many references and examples of websites that we have built from the ground up or websites that we optimized that are showing up very well in the organic placement. You will feel confident knowing that we are well versed in “White Hat” search engine marketing. MD Internet Solutions does not use any techniques that Google would consider “Black Hat” SEO – which would have the potential to permanently damage your URL’s placement in Google searches.

We provide Turnkey Internet Marketing Solutions for Medical Practices!

MD Internet Solutions offers a package of Internet marketing solutions for medical practices that includes Pay Per Click (PPC) management, article & press release management and more. Your time is valuable, therefore we want to partner with you so that your medical practice will grow without you having to stress over it. Your patient base has tremendous potential to expand exponentially via the Internet. We will design, write, optimize, promote, host, manage, audit, and track our website performance for you. We understand exactly what your medical practice needs in order to rank on the main search engines. We make it our business to help your medical practice thrive.

If you are a doctor that wants real results from the Internet, please contact our SEO Company today. We have a deep background in Search Engine Marketing and Optimization and you will be glad you met with us. Our initial consultation is free, so contact us today!

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    MD Internet Solutions works with medical practices across the country. Our SEO Consultants have helped doctors bring their brand to life on-line and develop new patients from Atlanta to New York City.

    If you’re a doctor or part of a medical practice that wants to create a meaningful internet marketing presence, contact the SEO experts at MD Internet Solutions today!